Are there videos that can walk me through how to use coupons?

Yes! Click here to watch our Coupon Overview video.

Why isn't the coupon showing up on the Ticket Detail tab?

You must first add products and coupons to the ticket. Note: No actual coupon value will appear on the Ticket Detail tab when a coupon is added.  Once you click on Ticket Payment, an Apply Coupons dialog will appear to apply the coupons to the products. Once complete, the Ticket Payment tab will reflect all coupon discounts on the ticket. 

What happened to my existing coupons?

Any coupons in RICS prior to October 30th 2013 have defaulted to Dollar off and will apply to All Items (previously in the POS, this was the only coupon option).  Navigate to Setup :: Manage Coupons in RICS to edit existing coupons as needed. 

What if I don’t want my coupons to apply to All Items in a ticket?

You can change how a coupon is applied at the POS in the Manage Coupons screen in RICS. Keep in mind, you can also just unselect products on the Apply Coupons dialog if you do not want the coupon applied. 

What coupon types can I use?

In addition to Dollar off, coupons are also available as Percent off and can be set to apply to All Items, Selected Items or a Single Item. Once configured in RICS, you can use these different coupon types at the POS:

  • All Items-Coupon is applied to all items on the ticket (users can deselect items if needed)
  • Selected Items-Coupon is applied only to items specified by the user
  • Single Item-Coupon is applied to a single item only (quantity of 1)

Below is an example of the Apply Coupons dialog where coupons are applied to items:

I made a mistake on applying a coupon; how do I change it?
Click back to the Ticket Detail tab and then Ticket Payment. The Apply Coupons dialog will display again where you will apply the coupons appropriately.
Note: Anytime you click back to Ticket Detail, coupons must be reapplied. This ensures that the POS uses the latest changes to the ticket. 

Why don’t I see the Apply Coupons dialog popup?
You will not see the Apply Coupons dialog if the ticket has a single quantity of a product. Because there are no other products to apply the coupon to, the system will automatically apply the value of the coupon(s) to the product on the ticket. 

How can I identify the three different coupon types when applying them at the POS?
Creating descriptive Coupon Codes in RICS is a great way to easily identify how coupons are applied (All Items, Selected Items, and Single Item) at the POS. Here is an example for each coupon option:

  • All Items-$5FacebookAd
  • Selected Items-10%offSelected
  • Single Item-Fall20%offSingle 

How do I communicate restrictions on coupons if I cannot lock them down by class?

Coupon Alerts are a great way to share pertinent information with your sales associates. When they select a coupon with an Alert, they will see the alert message when the coupon is added to the ticket as well as when the coupon is applied in the Apply Coupons dialog. You can add Coupon Alerts from the Manage Coupons page in RICS. 

What do the little numbers inside the coupon icon represent?

This represents the total number of coupons applied to the line item. For example, you can apply multiple coupons such as a Single Item coupon and a Percent off Selected Items coupon. Applying these two coupons would increase the coupon icon count to 2.

How can I see a breakdown of discounts when applying coupons?
Hover over the Sum amount on the Apply Coupons dialog to see the breakdown of prices:

Can I have a Percent off coupon and a Dollar off coupon applied to one line item? And in what order are they applied?
Yes, you can apply two coupons to a single line item. RICS will automatically calculate the Percent off coupon first and then the Dollar off coupon. All percent off discounts are based on the price of the item before any coupons have been applied.

What happens if the customer users a $5 coupon on a $2.99 item?
The customer will lose the remaining value of the coupon if it is not used during the transaction. The cashier should never refund unused coupon value. 

When returning an item, can I adjust the amount of the coupon applied to the return?
Yes, you can adjust the coupon value applied to a return. If a customer returns some but not all products from the original sale, you do not want to refund the full coupon value.

In this example, a customer originally purchased two items and used a $5 off coupon. When the user performed the return at the POS for only one of the items, the value of the coupon was appropriately changed to $2.50 (½ of the original value).

How can I be sure I that multiple coupons have been applied to a large ticket?
RICS will automatically notify you of any unapplied coupons before exiting the Apply Coupons dialog.

A coupon used in the original ticket is not appearing in a Special Order Pickup. Why not?
Coupons added to a Special Order Deposit will not appear in the dialog when the order is picked up, because they were already applied at the time of the deposit. If an amount is still due on the order, any coupon used will carry over with any unapplied coupon value.

Why can’t I do a Layaway Partial Pickup or Partial Cancel when a coupon was included?
You cannot partially pick up or partially cancel a Layaway when a coupon was used on the Layaway Sale because doing so would cause incorrect calculations on the tax due for the remaining pickups or cancels.

Depending on your store procedures, here are two options:

  • Cancel the Layaway and ring a new sale for the items being picked up. 
  • Pick up the entire Layaway order and perform a Return on the items not being picked up.

You can still perform a partial pickup or cancel on a Special Order when a coupon was included.


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