How do I change my Class Structure?

This article is a resource for retailers to modify their class structure to better fit their reporting needs. Changing your class structure will not affect your sales figures, but will change how your data is grouped when analyzing by class.

Changing your class structure in RICS entails:


Create Your New Classes

On the Setup:: Manage Classes page create your new classes and sub classes within your hierarchical class structure.  


Add Your SKUs To Your New Classes

On the Reporting:: Report Creator:: File Printout:: Export SKUs page, use the By Class drop down to export the SKUs from the old class/classes that you're looking to add to your new class.  In Excel, update the ClassPath on the SKUs to reflect your new class path, then use the Universal Imports page to import the SKUs back into the system as updates.

Note: The class path must be in TagParent|Tag format (I.E., Womens|Athletic|Running).



Delete Your Old Classes

Once, you have all the SKUs moved from your old class to your new class, you can delete the old classes on the Setup:: Manage Classes page.

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