Reporting Overview


The RICS Back Office includes features for retailers to create reports, see the status of report(s), and manage reports.


Report Creator

The Report Creator organizes available reports into categories.  To start a report, either search for it by name or browse the categories.  To learn more, read the Report Creator article.

Notification Center

The Notification Center shows the status of all running and finished reports.  The Notification Center is accessibile in the top right corner of the Back Office and the icon will flash when a report is running.  To learn more, read the Notification Center article.

Report Manager

The Report Manager permanently stores all prior run reports and they can be re-run, edited, downloaded, deleted, shared, and scheduled for subscription via email.  To learn more, read the Report Manager article.

Bookmarks and Subscriptions

The RICS Reporting Update replaces batches with new features: Bookmarks and Subscriptions.  To learn more, read the Introduction to Report Bookmark and Subscription Features article.

Report Instructions

Step-by-step instructions on how to run RICS reports.

Analyze Purchase Orders

Analyze Product Performance

Analyze Inventory Performance

Analyze Coupon Performance

Analyze Customer Purchases

Analyze Salesperson Performance

Analyze Store Performance


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