RICS Link Troubleshooting Guide

Sometimes the pages in RICS that require RICS Link will continuously ask you to download the software. If you are prompted to download the RICS Link program after you've already downloaded it and restarted your browser, it could mean that the RICS Link program is downloaded, but not running. To ensure the RICS link program is running:

  1. Search for Link in your start menu
  2. Double click the Link application to start it
  3. Refresh the RICS page by pressing CTRL+F5 on your keyboard


If the page is still asking you to download RICS Link after completing the above steps you can also:

  1. Follow the prompt to download and install normally to make sure you are running the current version. 
  2. Uninstall RICS Link through the Control Panel, Add/ Remove Software tool. 
  3. Open Internet Explorer internet options 
  4. Under the General tab Browsing history section click the Delete button 
  5. Make sure Cookies and website data and temporary internet files and website files are selected and click delete 
  6. Download RICS Link from http://downloads.ricssoftware.com/apps/link.exe
  7. Restart Internet Explorer and proceed normally

If these steps don't work contact us at 800.654.3123 option 1 or follow the steps in the Advanced RICS Link Troubleshooting Guide.

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