How to Analyze Coupon Performance

The RICS coupon feature in conjunction with the RICS promotion feature enables retailers to track and analyze coupon performance as coupons are transacted through the RICS POS. To assist a retailer with tracking and analyzing these transactions, RICS provides a promotion analysis report to identify key coupons and their ROI.


Prior to running a promotion analysis, please ensure a promotion is set up by following the Manage Coupon Promotion Codes steps and ensure the promotion is attached to a coupon by following the Manage Coupon steps.

This document is a resource for retailers to understand how to analyze coupon performance using:
Generate a Promotion Analysis Report



To generate a Gift Card Balance report:

1. In the RICS Back Office, go to Reporting :: Report Creator

2. Type Promotion Analysis in the search box or navigate to Sales :: Promotion Analysis in the menu



1. Use the File Type dropdown menu to determine the output format

Note: If choosing CSV, use the Advanced Options dropdown to set a Field Delimiter.

2. As needed, enter a report description in the Report Name field

Note: Report descriptions will display in the Report Manager screen.

3. As needed, enter a valid email address in the Email A Copy To field to email the report


1. Use the scroll bar to navigate to the Report Options section

2. Use the Sales Period dropdown menu to determine what sales period to analyze

3. Use the Store Options dropdown menu to determine how analyzed store data will be grouped

Store Options:

Separate Stores – Select to display inventory by individual store.

Combine Stores – Select to display combined inventory for all stores.


1. After selecting the report options, use the scroll bar to navigate to the Report Criteria section


2. Select or enter the necessary criteria to determine what customers to display based on previous purchases

Report Criteria Options:

By Store – Enter or search for a store(s) to determine which customer(s) to output.

By Store State – Enter a store(s) state to determine which customer(s) to output.

By Promotion Code – Enter or search for a promotion code(s) to determine which customer(s) to output.

Note: Multiple options can be selected to narrow down a search. If selecting multiple Stores, States or Promotion Codes, separate the values by commas. To exclude the selected value(s), select the checkbox next to Exc.


3. Click Run

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