API Output - Date/Time Stamp

In the output of API calls, you may see date/time stamps that do not look right at first glance. 

For example, take a look at the snippet below of a response from the POS API:

      "BatchStartDate": "2017-06-06T11:54:30.75",

      "BatchEndDate": "2017-06-06T11:55:26.317",

      "BatchOverShort": 0,

      "BatchStartingBalance": 0,

      "BatchEndingBalance": 0,

      "BatchCreatedOn": "2017-06-06T15:54:32.587Z",

      "BatchModifiedOn": "2017-06-06T15:55:27.84Z",


In this case, a batch was quickly opened and closed. You will notice that the created and modified times appear to be different than the start and end times. 

The difference is the "Z" at the end of the created and modified date/time stamps. This indicates that the time reflects UTC time. 

If there is no "Z" or other indication of the time zone, it should be assumed that the time is local time.

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