Import Purchase Orders

To import a Purchase Order (PO) you first have to create the PO in RICS manually with the header information and at least one SKU added to the PO. Then you can Export the PO, add SKUs and update quantities, then import the PO back into RICS. The details of the steps are below:


Create PO

  1. Inventory: Purchasing: Enter Purchase Orders
  2. Enter necessary header information
  3. Go to SKU Detail tab
  4. Add one SKU 
  5. Save PO

Export PO & Edit

  1. Inventory: Purchasing: Change PO
  2. Load PO
  3. Export PO
  4. Open PO in Excel
  5. Add additional SKUs NOTE: Need SKU, QTY, Row (size)*, Col(width)*  - *if necessary 
  6. Save

 Importing the POenter man

  1. Go to Inventory: Purchasing: Import Purchase Order.
  2. Click Choose File. 
  3. Select your edited PO file.
  4. It will load the file noting the new quantities and changes. 
  5. Click Update Qtys
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