Pair A Socket Mobile Scanner Using the Socket Mobile Companion App

The Socket Mobile Companion App can be used to pair a Socket Mobile Scanner using the following steps:


1. Download the Socket Mobile Companion app from the app store.
2. Turn on your Socket Mobile Scanner.
3. Open the app.
4. Click Get Started.
5. Allow Bluetooth.
6. Click Add a Reader.
7. Select “Barcode Reader”.
8. Scan the barcode to activate pairing mode.
9. You should get a  series of 3 beeps.
10. Select your reader.
11. You should hear a single beep.
12. The successfully connected page will populate.
13. Test your reader by scanning a barcode. Data will appear in the box.
13. Click Next.
14. Close the Socket Mobile Companion app.
15. Open the RICS Checkout App
16. Test scanner by scanning a barcode.


Click to view the video demonstration of successfully pairing the socket mobile scanner using the companion app.



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