Frequent Buyer Plans

Implementing a loyalty program enables you to offer incentives to your customers for repeat business.

RICS offers five highly-configurable Frequent Buyer Plans, which allow stores to reward loyalty by offering discounts to customers who have purchased multiple products from the store.

Establish Frequent Buyer plans in the RICS back office: Setup :: Manage Frequent Buyer.

Here are the different Frequent Buyer Plan calculate methods. You can use more than one plan in your store at a time, but customers can only be assigned to one plan at a time. 

Method 1: Buy quantity and get dollars equal to average price of items purchased

Method 2: Buy dollars and get dollars off

Method 3: Flat percent discount

Method 4: Buy quantity and get percent off next item purchased

Method 5: Buy dollars and get percent off next item purchased

Tip: Use the Frequent Buyer Activity export to track redemption of Frequent Buyer rewards. This information can help you determine the rate of return and identify where target marketing can be used to drive in return business. If you are using a Frequent Buyer Plan in association with email marketing, this report can help track its success. 

Tip: When implementing a loyalty program, tracking the rewards becomes an important part for both the store and the customer. A report that can help with tracking can be found under Reporting :: Frequent Buyer :: Expiring Rewards.

Tip: A marketing tactic to get customers back into the store consistently is by promoting the expiring rewards to create urgency for the customer to redeem the earned reward.


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