Using the Dashboard

The Dashboard in the RICS back office provides:

  • A check on the pulse of your business
  • Instant access to key performance indicators
  • A real-time window into your data
  • Visual presentation of performance

The Dashboard enables you to:

  • Identify trends and detect issues
  • Target areas that require corrective action
  • Steer your business to success based on actionable information

How to Access the Dashboard:

  1. From the home page, select the Dashboard tab (located to the right of the Message Center tab).
  2. From here, the Dashboard will load up to four 'pods' that contain the information you viewed the last time you used the Dashboard.

How to Configure a Dashboard Report:

Each user can personalize their Dashboard to view the data that is most important to their specific role within the organization. Security settings enable store owners to limit the information employees can view using the Dashboard.

  1. To customize the Dashboard, select the Edit in the upper right corner of the pod to bring up the 'Configure Pod' window.
  2. A selection of Business Areas will appear across the top of the screen. As you click on each Business Area, the list of available items in the Report Name list box will change.
  3. Select the desired Report Name, Graph Type, Order By, Based On, and Period. Each Dashboard report will have different configuration options. Experiment to determine which reports and configuration settings provide the data you will benefit from the most.
  4. To view the Dashboard report with your configuration options set, click Save to Dashboard. The next time you access the Dashboard, the reports you saved will automatically process and display results in real-time.

Note: To view a Dashboard report without saving it as one of your 'core four' pods, select the Peek button. The report will process the data, then display the pod with a pink border. To revert back to the saved pod, select Undo.

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