How to Sell and Redeem Gift Cards

RICS provides a number of different solutions for handling gift cards for your store. 

Internal Gift Cards

Internal Gift Cards are tracked within RICS: the card’s remaining balance will be shown on the POS and can be reported upon in RICS. This is the simplest way to handle gift cards from the store’s perspective, since RICS does all the work.

To ring up an Internal Gift Card sale, simply select the “Gift Card Internal” transaction type at the POS, and type in the card number and the amount being loaded onto the card. Then tender and complete the sale normally.

To redeem an Internal Gift Card, select the gift card as the Tender Type on the POS, type in the card number, and the POS will automatically reduce the available balance on the card when the sale is completed.

Note: If a POS terminal is offline, it might be possible for a customer to redeem a gift card at the offline terminal and then redeem the same gift card again at another terminal, even without having sufficient balance to make both purchases. There is no way for an offline POS to verify the existing balance. This is an unfortunate consequence of allowing offline sales at the POS. Store owners should be careful about allowing gift card redemption while a POS is offline.

External Gift Cards

External Gift Cards are tracked entirely outside of RICS. It is the store owner’s responsibility to keep a ledger of outstanding balances, sales, and redemption. All the user does in RICS is select a “Gift Card External” transaction and an amount; it is up to the store to make sure the customer actually has the money available. This option is most often used to handle legacy paper gift certificates, but can also be used with a standalone terminal from a gift card network.

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