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A Transfer Order, often referred to as a TO facilitates the relocation of goods or products to another location. As retailers should always buy from themselves first, a Transfer Order  is ideal for redistributing product that already belongs to the organization where it is needed the most. 

 Enter Manual Transfers

Inventory :: Stock Transfer:: Enter Manual Transfers

Populate the fields on the Enter Manual Transfers page to create a Transfer Order. Add SKUs to the Transfer Order by selecting SKUs from the SKU Detail tab. There is also an option to Transfer All On Hand. SKUs can also be added to the Transfer Order from the Scanning tab. From the Upload tab, SKUs can be imported from a Portable Data Reader (PDR). Click Complete (Ship Order) when finished adding all product to the Transfer Order. 

 Generate Automatic Transfers

Inventory :: Stock Transfer:: Generate Automatic Transfers

The Generate Automatic Transfers feature is typically used by organizations that have a centralized warehouse or distribution center. Populate the fields on the Generate Automatic Transfers page to create an automatic Transfer Order. 

Generate Balancing Transfers

Inventory :: Stock Transfer:: Generate Balancing Transfers

Balance inventory across an organization from the Generate Balancing Transfers page. Select one of the four balancing options, the period of time to analyze your data, and the sales metric to base the balancing calculation.  Click Preview to review what transfers the system is recommending.  After reviewing the preview, adjust parameters as necessary and when ready to generate the transfer orders click Generate Balancing Transfer.

Transfer All Inventory

Inventory :: Stock Transfer:: Transfer All Inventory

All Inventory can be transferred to another store easily from the Transfer All Inventory page. Do not use this feature unless you are ready to remove all inventory from one location and transfer it to another. Determine the store that will receive the transferred inventory. Then sort the pick list by SKU, Class, Supplier or Location as desired. Click Preview to confirm the items to be transferred. Click Save and Print to finalize transferring all inventory to another location. 

Reconcile Transfers

Inventory :: Stock Transfer:: Reconcile Transfers

Use the Reconcile Transfers page to correct a Transfer Order that is past due, over-received or under-received. Use the Lookup to select the Transfer Order to edit. From the Order Transfer Detail tab click Reconcile for any items that were not received. Select the reason for discrepancy and click Reconcile. 


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