Create Transfer Orders

This document serves as an instructional guide for creating Transfer Orders.

Purpose & Primary Usage

Create a Transfer Order to move product from one store to another. The most common benefit to transferring product is being able to fill inventory gaps in place of purchasing new product.

Organizations can be configured to transfer product in one of two ways:

1. Immediate Transfer – On-Hand is moved immediately into the ‘To’ location.

2. In-Transit On-Hand is moved out of the ‘From’ store and held in a pending state until the product is received at the ‘To’ location.

Product is transferred between stores and distribution centers through the RICS Enter Manual Transfers page and then processed at the receiving store.

Create Transfer Order

Inventory :: Stock Transfer :: Enter Manual Transfers

Populate the fields on the Enter Manual Transfers page to create a Transfer Order. Required fields on this screen are the From Store and the To Store. The From Store is transferring product to the To Store, therefore be sure you are navigated to the store you are transferring product from.

Required fields are indicated with a solid bar at the beginning of the field.

Utilize the Comment and Alert fields when you want to inform the receiving store of something specific regarding the product being transferred, such as ‘This product is to fulfill a Special Order Deposit.’

Transfer Order Action Buttons

Action buttons at the bottom of the screen will only become active when they are executable; generally once the user populates the required fields.


Add Product

Once the initial Transfer Order is created, add product.

Add product in one of two ways:

1. Scan product using the Scanning Tab.

2. Manually add product through the SKU Detail tab.

Note: Clicking either of these tabs will automatically save the Transfer Order.

Scan Product

Use the Scanning tab to scan items into the Transfer Order.

1. Scan the UPC, enter the Qty and click Add.

2. Repeat until all items have been added to the Transfer Order.

3. Click Save Scanned Items when finished.

Manually Add Product

 Use the SKU Detail tab to manually add product to the Transfer Order.

 1. Add product to the order in one of three ways:

  • Use the LookUp tool.
  • Enter a SKU number directly in the SKU List
  • Click Add SKU to pull up the LookUp tool.

 If using the LookUp tool, use the search fields to locate the SKU. 

2. Click Select next to the SKU to add to the Transfer Order.

3. Once a SKU is selected, add the quantity (QT) to order in the size grid.

Note: Click the Show on Hand Qtys checkbox to see On-Hand inventory.

Transfer All On Hand will transfer all available inventory for the selected SKU.

4. When finished, click Save SKU.


Make Visible to All Users

When finished adding all products, click Generate and Make Visible to All Users to make the Transfer Order visible to all users. 

This is often referred to as ‘committing the transfer.’ When this button is clicked, other RICS users will have access to the Transfer Order. This feature is especially helpful in a warehouse environment with personnel using the RICS Process Orders page to pull orders for fulfillment.

At the following prompt, click Yes to finalize the Transfer Order as ready to be picked/shipped.


The Message Center will display an alert confirming the Transfer Order has been committed and it will be visible to others.

Print Pick Ticket

Click Print Pick Ticket to print out the items on the Transfer Order.

The following screen will be displayed.

Click Print and View to print a pick list.  PDF will Pick, pack and prepare items for delivery or shipment. The Pick list is typically used as a packing list.

Click Print and Clear to save the Transfer Order and clear the screen to work on another order or exit the screen.

A PDF file of the Transfer Order Pick List will automatically generate and is also available through the Report History screen.

Complete Transfer Order (Ship Order)

Click Complete (Ship Order) when the Transfer Order is complete.

Note: Do not click this until you are done with the Transfer as this is irreversible. 

At the following prompt, click Yes to send the Transfer Order to the receiving Store.

The Message Center will display an alert confirming the Transfer Order has been sent to the receiving store.


Clear Transfer Order

Click Clear TO to clear all data from the current Transfer Order in progress.

Note: All work will be lost by executing this option.

Delete Transfer Order

Click Delete TO to permanently delete the Transfer Order.

Note: Transfer Orders that are deleted can NOT be reported on for future reference.


At the following prompt, click Yes.

 The Message Center will display an alert confirming the Transfer Order has been deleted.

Transfer Order Reports

Reporting :: Inventory/Purchase Orders

Reports are available to assist with managing inventory among locations.

The Transfer Summary Report gives a broad overview of transfer orders detailing the SKUs and Quantity of inventory transferred to other locations during a specified time frame.

The Inventory Detail Report can be used to view all transfer orders over a selected date range.

Reprint Transfer Order generates a specific Transfer Order pick list.



How do I create a Transfer Order using products I scanned with my PDR (Portable Data Reader)?

Read this document for steps on creating a Transfer Order with your PDR.


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