Create Transfer using a Datalogic PDR

This document serves as an instructional guide for using the Datalogic Memor Portable Data Reader (PDR) to scan items to be transferred. The data can then be uploaded into Enter Manual Transfers in RICS to complete and process shipments.

Scan Inventory

1. Power on the Datalogic Memor PDR to start collecting inventory data.

2. Enter the Store number for the location you are scanning inventory and tap Start Inventory.

3. Scan a product barcode by pointing the device with the screen facing up and the top of the device (laser) pointing towards the barcode. Press the Scan button to scan an item.

4. The scanner will beep and omit a green light when the scanned item is successfully added to the reader. View the item information on the device.

5. To edit the quantity, either use the PRD stylus and edit the amount or use the Tab key to navigate to the Quantity field. 



Review Inventory

1. To review the scanned items before uploading to RICS, tap Review.

2. The review page allows users to edit or delete scanned items as needed.

Review screen options:

  • Save-Edit the barcode or Quantity and Save. Must click Save after each edit.
  • Previous/Next-Navigates through the scanned items.
  • Delete Item-Removes the current barcode from scanned items.
  • Delete All-Removes all barcodes from the PDR.
  • Return to Scanning-Exits the Review page.

Import Scanned Items into RICS

1.Tap Upload from the Review screen when you are ready to upload the inventory into RICS.

2. Tap Yes to create the file to upload into RICS.

Note: This may be time consuming, depending on the amount of data in the reader.

3. Tap OK after the file has been created for upload.

4. Follow the instructions provided on screen to prepare the device for the upload process.

Upload PRD Data Into RICS

1. In the RICS back office, navigate to Inventory :: Stock Transfer :: Enter Manual Transfers.

NOTE: Verify that you are navigated to the same Store for which you scanned the items.

2. Enter the transfer order header information to create a new transfer.

3. Click Save TO when finished.

4. Click the Upload tab.


5. Select the Datalogic Memor device from the Reader Type drop-down.

6. Click Get Data from Reader

7.A file dialog box window will appear, enter a file name and click Save.

Note: The name of the file is irrelevant and can be anything you like.

8. Once the upload is complete, RICS will show the number of items uploaded as well as an exception list of any items that were not uploaded.

Within RICS, a message will appear verifying a successful upload:

9. Click the Scanning tab to review the uploaded items.

10. Once you have verified the scanned items are correct, click Saved Scanned Items.

11. If no other modifications are needed, click Complete (Ship Order).

Note: Do not click this until you are done with the Transfer as this is irreversible.

12. Click Yes at the confirmation message to complete the transfer order.

13. The Transfer Order is now complete. 


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