How do I create a Tender?

Follow the steps below to create a tender.

Note: You can find further information on how to Manage Payment Methods(i.e.Tenders) here.

1. In the RICS Back Office, go to Setup :: Manage Store :: Tenders Setup

2. To select a store, enter or search the store number in the Store Number field

Note: Unless a store-specific tender is required, RICS recommends creating tenders at the Store Owner level.

3. After a store is selected, click the Edit/Create tab

4. Use the Type dropdown menu to select a tender type

5. Enter the tender name in the Description field

6. If necessary, select the Can Open Drawer and/or Is Cash Deposit checkboxes

Can Open Drawer – Select to open the cash drawer after ending a transaction of this tender.

Is Cash Deposit – Select to include this tender in the daily bank deposit.


Note: If required by the store’s state or providence, click the Round cash tenders to nearest 5₵ checkbox.


7. Click Add

8. Click Save


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