Customer Birthdays

RICS allows the user to enter a Birth Date for customers in the system. This information can then be used for reporting purposes (for example, to create a mailing list for a birthday coupon promotion.

Entering Dates

On the POS, the Birth Date can also be entered on the Manage Customer screen. 

In the Back Office, the process is very similar, except that the Manage Customer screen will pop up a calendar widget when the user clicks the icon next to the field. It's important to note that if the user chooses a customer's birthday using the calendar widget, the year is ignored

Using Dates

The Customer reports have an option to filter by birthdays. This is mainly useful for running promotions based on customer birthdays. To use this feature, go to the Additional Customer Criteria tab on the report, and fill in the section titled Limit to customers with birthday/birthdate.

RICS will look for an exact match on the information provided, and ignore all the others. Note that you cannot enter a range in these fields; only an exact year, month, or day can be entered.

The user can also enter a Birthday Period. Note that doing so will look at the entire birth date, including the year. This means that if the year was not stored correctly, the customer will not be found.

Custom Entries

There are a number of clients who choose to use Customer Custom Entries rather than the built-in Customer Birth Date field. RICS does not recommend doing this, because our built in filtering and reporting capabilities will not pick up these birthdays.

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