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A Purchase Order, sometimes referred to as a PO, is an order for goods to be purchased at a pre-determined price and time from a supplier or distributor.  Purchase Orders are typically printed or saved from RICS to be sent to the supplier or Distributor.  Purchase Orders can also be transmitted electronically for select suppliers.



The retailer must have established Classes, Suppliers and SKUs stored in RICS prior to placing a Purchase Order.

If utilizing electronic Purchase Orders, supplier UPCs must be entered into your product catalog.

Create a Purchase Order

Inventory :: Purchasing :: Enter Purchase Orders

Populate the fields on the Enter Purchase Orders page to create a Purchase. Add SKUs to the Purchase Order by selecting SKUs from the SKU Detail tab. The price paid for a SKU (Receive At Cost) can be edited in a Purchase Order as well as applying supplier discounts. Save and Print the Purchase Order to view the in PDF format.


Edit a Purchase Order

Inventory :: Purchasing :: Enter Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders can be edited within RICS by using the Lookup tool. 

Purchase Order Reports

Reporting :: Inventory/Purchase Orders

The following reports are available to track and analyze existing Purchase Orders:

  • Purchase Order Reports
  • Open POs by Month


What is the difference between creating a Purchase Order and an Automatic Purchase Order?

Retailers create Purchase Orders by manually selecting SKU’s and quantities to place on the order.

Automatic Purchase Orders are also generated by the user. However, RICS Enterprise determines what items should be placed on the order based on Model Stock or Sales.

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