Create Custom Entries

RICS provides the option to create Custom Entries to record data that is not already offered as a field in RICS. These fields can be used to group SKUs, Customers, and Stores when reporting on a Custom Entry.

Create a Custom Entry

1. Login into RICS Back Office store owner level.

2. Navigate to Setup :: Manage Custom Entries

 3. Select a Custom Entry Type.

  • Single Select – One selection per Custom Entry
  • Multiple Select – Select multiple values per Custom Entry
  • Custom Text – Allows user to enter text as needed

4. Select where this Custom Entry will be added to.

  • SKUs
  • Stores
  • Customers

5. Enter a Custom Entry Name.


  • SKU – Season
  • Customer – Running Club
  • Store – District

6. Click Create Root.

Click the Required checkbox to make the Custom Entry required. This is beneficial if you have multiple Custom Entries available at the POS to choose from.

7. In the Enter Value box, enter a value that corresponds with the created Custom Entry Root.


  • Season – Fall 15
  • Running Club – Smith’s Runners
  • District – Midwest

8. Click Add.

9. As values are added, they will be displayed on the right side of screen.

10. Click Save when finished. 


**NOTE** Custom entries with two or more levels will show up as a drop down list. 


Custom entries with only one level will appear as a text box.  

To see all the options enter % into the text box.


Edit a Custom Entry

Use the LookUp tool to locate the Custom Entry to edit. 

1. Click the View LookUp Tool button at the top of the screen.

2. The LookUp Tool will appear. Enter the Custom Entry name or use a wildcard (%) to search for a Custom Entry.

3. Click Select next to the Custom Entry to edit from the results.

4. Click on the Custom Entry you want to edit displayed in the Custom Entry list on the right. The corresponding details for the highlighted Custom Entry will appear on the left.

5. Edit, rename or add a new Custom Entry under the active Custom Entry.

6. Click Save when finished.



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