Universal Imports

To import items into RICS, navigate to System :: Import :: Universal Imports. 

The Universal Imports page allows the flexibility to import various file types.  

Import Types

Click on Help with importing files to view the file types that can be imported. 

The help table will expand to reveal the import templates:

Each entry in the file format table contains identical PDF and Microsoft Word documents specifying the file format and two example '.csv' files. One simply contains the headers and the other provides a few lines of sample data for reference.

Other Formats

We accept GMAIC formatted '.txt' files, or 'fixed width text files.' This means that there are no headers and each field has a specific order and an exact width. This file format is usually produced by a computer and not edited by hand.

We also accept SPS Commerce files. These '.csv' files are created using the SPS website’s export tool. They come prepackaged inside of a '.zip' file, from which we extract the included files.


Zip Files

We accept multiple files in the accepted formats combined inside of a '.zip' file.  This allows you to import multiple files in a single upload rather than waiting for each one to upload individually.

Import Data

Click Choose Files to select the file(s) to upload. 


 Select the file to upload. 

Click Open on the file or files to upload. 

From the upload screen, indicate how you want the records to be handled. 

  • New Entries-The records will be uploaded as new entries and will not overwrite any existing records. 
  • Updates-The records will update the current record in RICS with the updated data. 

Click Import Records to start the upload process.

While RICS processes the upload, the following message will be displayed. 

Once the records are uploaded, you will be navigated to the Report History page. Click on Import Report to view the results. 



Can I upload multiple files at once? 

Yes-Since import files can be large, we allow you to compress and combine the files into a single '.zip' file for quicker uploading. Here is an example of what this looks like:

Choose the '.zip' file you want to upload by clicking Choose Files on the file upload box. This will result in multiple records with multiple messages:

Can I leave my desk while the upload is in process? 

Yes! If you leave your computer while uploading a large file on a slow connection and RICS logs you out, your browser crashes, or your laptop runs out of power, your completed uploads will be waiting for you when you log back in. 

Additionally, pending uploaded imports will also be waiting for completion upon login.


How do I remove pending records?

If you accidentally choose the wrong file, you may end up with multiple pending records you don’t actually want to import. In this case, simply clear the record using the button at the end of the pending row.


Poorly Formatted Files

If the file is unable to be read or something else goes wrong, an error message will appear to guide you to the problem and solve it.

To prevent duplicates, the toll will only upload full files.  If you receive an error, correct the issue and try again.


 Errors in Report

If the report encounters any errors, it will include the file name with the error, helping you trace it back to the source.

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