Deleting a Frequent Buyer Plan

It is possible to delete entire Frequent Buyer Plans within RICS from the Manage Frequent Buyer page. A store might want to do this for a plan that is no longer being used.

When can a plan be deleted?

In order to delete a Frequent Buyer Plan, two conditions must be met:

  • There must not be any sales that have accumulated towards the plan within the void window.
  • There must not be any sales where a customer redeemed a reward for that plan within the void window.

The reason for this is that if a user decides to void a sale on which there were frequent buyer accumulations and/or rewards, the system needs to know the plan information in order to correctly back out the sale.


Phasing out a plan

Because of the above restrictions on deleting a plan, RICS Software recommends phasing out Frequent Buyer plans rather than simply deleting them. There are two ways to go about this:

  • Create a new plan and set the Graduation Plan on the plan you wish to phase out to the new plan. This will cause customers to be moved to the new plan as soon as they reach the breakpoint for the current plan. This approach is best if you are replacing an existing plan with a new one, as it allows customers to “finish out” their existing plan and earn rewards under the old rules before switching to the new plan.
  • Uncheck the “Accumulate Rewards” checkbox on the Manage Frequent Buyer page for the old plan. This will prevent customers from earning any credit towards that plan going forward. However, any customers who have already earned rewards will still be able to use them until and unless they expire. Note that you will not be able to delete the old plan until there are no more rewards used within the void window. This approach is best if the current plan is being retired and will not be replaced, or if you want to delete the plan but cannot do so yet because there are still sales against it.


What happens when a plan is deleted?

When a Frequent Buyer Plan is deleted, the following occurs:

  • All customers that were associated with the plan have their plans set to “none”.
  • Frequent Buyer Coupons associated with the plan are deleted.
  • Outstanding Frequent Buyer Rewards for the plan are deleted.
  • The plan itself, and all associated data (such as the list of accumulating classes) is deleted.

Historical data associated with the plan (e.g. rewards used on prior sales) will still be available through reports.

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