POS Manager Permissions

POS Manager Permissions

There are several different permissions that control what options the user has access to at the Point of Sale. This article will cover a few of the available permissions.

In cases where the currently logged-in user does not have permission to perform an action, the POS will pop up an authentication prompt. The user can then enter the username and password of someone who does have permission (usually a manager), and complete the action.

Use the following paths to change user permissions within the system:

Manager Actions

The “POS : Admin - Manager Actions” permission controls access to the following:

  • Open Batch
  • Close Batch
  • Cash Drawer
  • Payout
  • Change Sale Type to Web Sale (if the store is set to Use Web Orders)
  • Change tenders from the Edit Pending Orders screen


Modify Prices

The “POS : Admin - Modify Prices” permission controls access to the following:

  • Change the Price of an item at the POS
  • Add a Discount Percent
  • Add a Discount Amount


Modify Comments

The “POS : Basic - Modify Comments” permission controls whether or not the user can edit ticket comments and SKU comments.


Ticket Actions

There are separate permissions that control various ticket actions. Their names should be self-explanatory. They are:

  • POS : Admin - Void Ticket
  • POS : Admin - Suspend and Reclaim Ticket
  • POS : Admin - Reprint Ticket
  • POS : Admin - Allow Override Sale Date on Ticket
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