Frequent Buyer Limitations

This article deals with the limitations of the RICS Frequent Buyer plans as they are currently implemented in RICS.

The RICS Enterprise Frequent Buyer system is very flexible, but it does have some limitations. Some of them are outlined below. Note that as time goes by, we may update the program to ignore some of these limitations. Check the system and release notes if you want to be sure of the current capabilities of the system.

Multiple plans per customer

One frequently requested capability that our system does not have is the ability to allow customers to earn credit towards multiple Frequent Buyer programs at the same time. For example, a customer could not be in a Plan 1 dealing with footwear, and a Plan 2 for apparel, at the same time.

The main reason for this limitation is the complexity of handling reward redemptions when some items on a ticket are qualified for one reward and an overlapping but different set of items is qualified for another reward.

Class-based accumulation weighting

RICS Enterprise does allow for class-based accumulations, but only in a binary (on or off) fashion. Some customers have asked for classes to be weighted (so that a user gets more points for shoes than accessories, for instance), which is not something we support.

Date-based accumulation weighting

Similar to the above class-based weighting, some users would like to be able to do date-based reward weighting. For example, “This weekend get double Frequent Buyer points on all purchases!” Unfortunately, such a thing is not supported.

Vendor-based accumulation

Some stores would like to have Frequent Buyer rewards based on Supplier rather than Class, which unfortunately cannot be accomplished at this time.

Accumulating and redeeming on different classes

Some stores would like to have plans that accumulate and redeem on different sets of classes. For example, “Buy 5 pairs of shoes, and get $25 worth of apparel.” Unfortunately, while we do have the option to restrict rewards to only the accumulating classes or let them be used on anything, we do not have the ability to restrict rewards to a different set of classes.

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