How do I create a User?

  1. Navigate to Setup :: Users :: Manage Users
  2. Enter the employee’s user name in the ‘Login’ field
  3. Enter and confirm the user’s password in the appropriate fields (if you’d like the user to be prompted to create a new password on their next login, mark ‘Require New Password’ at the bottom of this screen)
  4. Enter the user’s Last and First name (required)
  5. Enter the user’s Middle Name, Phone number, and Email address in the appropriate fields (optional)
  6. Have the user select their security question and type the answer. If the user forgets his or her password, they will be prompted with this question (optional)
  7. In the ‘Start Date’ field, enter the date that the employee was hired (optional)
  8. Assign the user the appropriate Roles by marking each that applies beneath ‘Roles’ NOTE: If this user will be used to log in to the POS at the beginning of the day, or if they require access to the Back Office, they must be assigned a role with access to the relevant store or stores.
  9. Assign the user a Cashier Code if appropriate, or click ‘Get Next Code’ to populate the next available code at your organization
  10. Click ‘Save and Continue’
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