Copying Manufacturer UPCs

The Copy UPC feature allows a store owner who is not directly connected to a manufacturer organization within RICS Enterprise to copy UPC data for their stores general use. For a store owner to access this UPC data they must agree to share their sales and inventory data for UPCs which are copied. At the time of the copy, RICS Enterprise creates a "Subscription" record that is used to tie the store's product sales and inventory data to the manufacturing organization product data. This record is used to tie the Manufacturer UPC to the Store Owner UPC. This feature has to be setup by RICS Support.

During the process of copying UPC data there are the below steps:

  1. Store Owner creates SKU with Size Grid
  2. User then kicks off the Copy UPC functionality from the Manage SKU, UPC tab
  3. Confirm which manufacturer SKU you are trying to copy from
  4. If needed, map size /widths

In order to copy UPC data, RICS Enterprise must have a way to match up the store owner's size grid to the publisher size grid. Matching up the size grids can be accomplished via NRF Codes, Size/Width values or the user manually maps the sizes (publisher size 060 M, store has 6.0 M).

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