Promotion Codes


Promotion codes are used to track promotions and advertising activities. Promotion codes are either added to the ticket by a cashier, or they are attached to coupons and are added to a ticket when a coupon is redeemed at the POS.  Adding promotion codes to tickets allows tracking of the promotion through the Promotion Analysis Report.


The main reason behind using promotion codes is for enhanced reporting. The user can run a Promotion Analysis report to get a breakdown of how well a given promotion is performing. If the promotion is set by a coupon, the user can then back into an analysis of the tickets affected by the coupon. This allows the store owner to see how effective the coupon campaigns are.


There are several limitations concerning this functionality. The largest is that any given ticket may only be associated with a single Promo Code at a time. Therefore, if a promotion code is already set on the ticket (either because the user selects it, or because there is another coupon on the ticket that is also tied to a promotion), the coupon's promotion will not be applied.

In addition, the user may not associate a coupon to a promotion if the date range of the promotion is smaller than the allowed date range for the coupon. For example, if I create a promotion that should be available through next Wednesday, and then I create a coupon that expires next Thursday, I could not associate the coupon to the promotion. This is to prevent situations where a coupon is tied to a Promotion that no longer exists on the POS (because the promotion is expired).

Finally, there is nothing that stops the user from changing the promotion on the ticket after the coupon has been applied, and nothing that stops the user from selecting the promotion even if the coupon is not on the ticket. Because of this, the Promotion Analysis report cannot be relied upon for exact data about the coupon.


The following step-by-step will show you how to create a promotion code.

  1. Login to the Store Owner level
  2. Navigate to Setup :: Codes :: Manage Promotion Codes
  3. Enter the Promotion Code
    • Enter the promotion code or name using up to 8 alpha-numeric characters
    • The promotion code will be used to filter when running reports

     4. Enter the Promotion Description

    • The cashier will select the Promotion Description at the POS
    • Enter a clear description of the promotion with a maximum of 64 alpha-numeric characters

     5. Enter the number of "Pieces"

    • Optional field used to determine redemption rates
    • Example: if 100 mailers are distributed, you would enter "100"

     6. Enter the "Cost" of promotion

    • Optional field to track what was spent on this promotion
    • Example: if those mailers cost $100 for printing and postage, enter $100

      7. Specify a start and end date for a temporary promotion

    • Leave these fields blank for permanent promotions

      8. Click "Save"

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