How to Receive by Supplier

The Receive by Supplier feature enables retailers to receive product via a supplier code when multiple purchase orders are received in one shipment and not easily identified.

This document is a resource for retailers to understand how to:
Receive by Supplier


Follow the steps below to receive a purchase order via a supplier code.

1. In the RICS Back Office, go to Inventory :: Receiving :: Receive By Supplier at the Store level

2. To select a supplier, enter or search for a supplier code in the Supplier Code field

Note: After the supplier code is selected, all associated open purchase orders will display in the Supplier Purchase Orders list.


3. Select the PO Number checkbox next to the purchase order(s) to be received

4. Scan or enter all UPC(s) or SKU(s) to be received in a shipment

Note: If a SKU and size combination exists on more than one selected purchase order, the oldest purchase order will be received against first.

5. After scanning the last UPC, click Add to account for the last UPC scanned


6. Click Receive Scanned Items

Note: All remaining ordered quantities will be backordered and remain on the purchase order to be received at a later time.

7. Click Print Log to generate a receiving log on the Report History screen

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