Installing the HP a799

  1. Run all Windows Updates
  2. Plug in both the power and USB cables
  3. Download the 'HP Windows Receipt Printer' file attached to this article
  4. Right click the downloaded .zip file and extract all contents
  5. Run the setup file
  6. When prompted, click the correct processor type (32-bit or 64-bit) and click the HP A799
  7. On the first dropdown, select HP A799 Partial (should be the last option on the list)
  8. For the port, you’ll need to select a USB port. This is where it gets tricky. If there is more than one USB port, you may need to try each one until you find the one that works. I recommend starting with the highest number first and working your way down, as the higher numbers have been plugged into the computer more recently.
  9. Once you’ve selected a port, install and attempt to print a test page.
  10. If the test page fails, retry steps 5 and 6 until you find the right USB port.
  11. Follow the steps in our Help Center article to add your logo
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