How do I correct a PO that I've over received?

This article is a resource for retailers to correct inventory when they've accidentally over received a purchase order.

  1. If the PO is closed, re-open the PO on the Inventory:: Purchasing:: Enter Purchase Order page by un-checking the PO Closed check box and saving (in the Lookup Tool you will need to include Closed POs)
  2. On the Inventory:: Receiving:: Receive Purchase Order page, look up the PO you are correcting
  3. On the SKU Detail tab, select the SKU you need to correct and enter negative quantities in the size run for the amount over received and click Save SKU
  4. Repeat step 3 for each SKU you are correcting
  5. If desired, re-close the PO by clicking Close PO button at the bottom of the page
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