How to Close a Batch

Follow the steps below to close a batch on the RICS POS at the end of a business day and/or cashier change.

1. Click Close Batch


Note: After close batch is selected, a batch and deposit summary for the batch will display for the RICS POS.


2. Click Cash Totals (F6) tab

Note: After cash totals is selected, a sale type(s), sales transaction and tender type(s) recap for the batch will display for the RICS POS.


3. Click Print

4. Click Count Money (F7) tab

Note: After count money is selected, a tender deposit total for each tender used on the batch and set to Is Cash Deposit in the Setup :: Manage Store :: Tender Setup screen will display below the Computer Count header. The amount displayed includes the amount received for a tender while a batch is open and does not include the starting cash drawer amount.

5. Click Count next to each tender description

6. Enter and/or count each tender deposit amount

7. Click Save after each tender deposit count

Note: After save is selected for a Cash tender deposit, remove the deposit amount from the drawer prior to counting the Ending Cash Drawer Amount to prevent an inaccurate ending cash drawer amount.

Example: If a cash deposit of $254.67 will be made, remove that amount from the drawer. Click Count next to Ending Cash Drawer Amount and verify $400.00 is still in the drawer by entering the quantity for each coin and bill in the corresponding field.

8. Verify the Difference is $0.00 for each tender deposit

Note: If the Difference is not $0.00, repeat Steps 5-7 to verify count.

9. Click Print

10. Click Salesperson Summary tab

Note: After salesperson summary is selected, the total sales, perks, tickets with/without a customer and hours clocked in for each salesperson for the batch will display.

11. Click Print

12. Click Close Batch

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