How to Return a frequent buyer reward to a customer

Creating a frequent buyer program is a great way to reward your customers for their loyalty and creates an incentive for them to continue shopping in your store. However, as is the case in all retail establishments, returns are made and sometimes for transactions where a frequent buyer reward was applied. This article is designed to walk you through the process of returning a frequent buyer reward back to a customer.


1. Using the Customer Lookup window load the customer returning the item.



2. On the Ticket Detail tab, select Return from the Transaction Type drop-down menu. Next add the item to be returned and fill in all required information, including return reason. Then Click Add Item.



3. On the Ticket Detail tab, select Coupon from the Transaction Type drop-down menu. Next click Return Frequent Buyer.


This will then prompt you to select the appropriate frequent buyer reward to return.


4. Click on the Ticket Payment tab which will launch a window asking you to select which item or items the frequent buyer reward was used on and the value of the reward. Once you’ve entered the appropriate value click apply.


When done correctly you should receive the message below.


You will then complete the transaction by selecting a tender, as you normally would, then clicking End Sale.

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