Reconciling Negative On-Hand Inventory

This article is a resource for retailers to zero out negative on-hand inventory using the Physical Inventory Process on specific SKUs that have sizes with negative on-hands.

Completing the physical inventory process for a class, a brand, or your entire store will correct any negative on-hand quantities that exist, but you can follow the steps below to zero-out negative on hand quantities for specific SKUs.

      1. Identify items with negative on hand inventory
      2. On the Setup:: Navigate Organization page, select the store level where you are correcting the negative on-hand quantities
      3. Navigate to the Inventory:: Physical Inventory:: Enter Physical Counts page
      4. Ensure you have 0 Items Counted so Far (clear physical counts if they aren't 0)
      5.  Look up the SKUs that have negative on-hands and enter the on-hand quantities for their full size runs (enter 0 for the sizes with negative on-hands)
      6. Save at the bottom of the page
      7. Run and review the Inventory:: Physical Inventory:: Variance Items report checking the box to 'Print Only Varying Items' (you should only see variances for sizes with negative on-hands)
      8. Update the negative on-hands on the Inventory:: Physical Inventory:: Update Inventory page (the Commit Physical Inventory button will become active once you've checked all the check-boxes)
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