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The Copy Product feature is used to push products to Shopify. Completing this process will:

1. Create/update products in Shopify

2. Enable RICS to send price and inventory updates to Shopify

3. Enable RICS to record completed online sales

This document is a resource for retailers to understand how to:

· Copy Products


Follow the steps below to create and update products in Shopify.

1. In the RICS Back Office, go to Ecommerce :: Ecommerce Product Copier

2. Using the search fields at the top of the page, identify the products to be copied into Shopify


3. Select the product checkbox to the left of the product to be copied into Shopify


Note 1: See Appendix A for tips and instructions on grouping multiple RICS SKUs into one Shopify product.

Note 2: To remove products, uncheck the checkbox or use the minus button on the selection summary screen


4. Click Review & Export


5. Select the desired state for the products being copied to Shopify

Stage (recommended) – Products will be created in Shopify but not immediately visible to customers. Recommended state to add images and customize descriptions.

Auto-Publish – Products will be created in Shopify and immediately visible to customers.


Note: If one of the selected products had previously been copied to Shopify, a window will appear to indicate which products. Click OK to advance.

6. Review the products to be copied to Shopify

Added – New products to be added into Shopify.

Updated – Existing products to be updated in Shopify with information currently in RICS.


Note: See Appendix B for more information on field mapping between RICS and Shopify

7. Click Export


8. Click OK at the notification message




To group multiple RICS SKUs into a single Shopify product (ex. one for each color) follow both the setup and copying tips below.


1) In the RICS Manage SKU screen, enter an identical Supplier SKU or Short Description (case sensitive) in the corresponding fields

2) In the RICS Manage SKU screen, select the same column and rows grids

3) In the RICS Manage SKU screen, confirm there are no duplicate color and size values (ex. two Black Medium variants) between intended grouped SKUs


1) Copy the RICS SKUs at the same time through the Ecommerce Product Copier page





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