Amazon Setup


1. Navigate to the Amazon MWS portal

2. Click Sign into your developer account at the top right of the page

3. Log into your Amazon account with the administrator credentials

4. Click on the Visit Manage Your Apps button under the Third Party developer and apps section


5. Click on Authorize new developer


6. Enter the following information

a. Developer Name: RICS Software

b. Developer ID: [insert Id listed on the Authorize RICS page of the RICS Back Office]

7. Click Next

8. Confirm access by checking the box and clicking Next

9. Copy and store the Seller ID and MWS Auth Token to be later pasted into RICS



Important Note: To add RICS Unified Commerce to your account, please email

1. In the RICS Back Office, go to System :: Ecommerce :: Ecommerce Setup

2. Click Add New under the Amazon logo

3. Review the Amazon Account Overview page, then click Next

4. In the Authorize RICS page, scroll down to enter the required authorization fields

Authorization Fields:

Seller Account Label – Name for the connection in RICS

Seller/Merchant Id – The Seller ID copied from step 9 of the Generate Amazon API section

MWS Token – The MWS Auth Token copied from step 9 of the Generate Amazon API section

5. Click Next

6. In the Default Configurations page, enter and select the default options

Default Configuration Options:


First Name – Name of the RICS user logged in

Last Name – Name of the RICS user logged in

Email – Email of the logged in RICS user


Save Customers – Check to save online customer information in RICS


Fulfillment Strategy – Check if RICS should automatically determine the fulfillment location

Inventory Threshold – Enter an inventory quantity to be reserved for in store only


Pricing Strategy – Select how prices should be managed in Amazon

RICS Active Price – RICS will update prices in Amazon

Manual Price – Online prices are managed in Amazon; RICS will not update prices

Respect MAP Price – Check to prevent Amazon price from going below MAP price if known by RICS

Flat Price Offset – Enter a dollar amount to increase or decrease the Amazon Price relative to the price in RICS

Example: RICS Price $134.99, Flat Price Offset $5, Amazon Price $139.99

Adapter Start Date - Set the date and time the integration should be recording sales (default is immediate)

7. Click Next

8. A verification code will be sent to the email address entered in the setup process

9. Paste the verification code into the window in RICS


10. Click Ok

11. Select the locations that should be used for non-FBA orders

12. Click Next

13. Enter the location contact information for the locations selected in the previous step

14. Click Next

15. Select the location that should be allocated for FBA inventory and orders

Note: The FBA location cannot be a location selected as a non-FBA location

16. Click Ok

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