RICS>PAY: Using Store & Forward (Prepare for Internet Outages)


Store & Forward enables retailers to process credit card sale transactions in the event of an internet or service outage.  The feature automatically activates when the RICS>POS receives an outage code from the credit card terminal. 

Once activated, the RICS>POS stores all credit card transactions until internet or service is restored; the RICS>POS automatically checks for internet and service availability.  When internet is restored, all Store & Forward transactions are automatically sent to MerchantTrack for processing. 

Retailers can verify the processing status of Store & Forward transactions using the Credit Card Processing Reconciliation Report.

The Store & Forward solution requires cashiers to correctly enter card information manually. There is no validation of the transaction at the time the information is entered into the Store & Forward solution. It is possible there may be insufficient funds at the time of processing, the card may be deactivated, the card may have been used by an unauthorized person, or the card may have been stolen. RICS accepts no liability for payments made via the Store & Forward solution. Given the possibility of error or fraud, the customer’s payment may not be successfully processed, and client may lose the total amount of the sale.

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Enable Store & Forward in the Back Office

  1. Login to the RICS Back Office
  2. Navigate to Setup :: Manage Store :: Setup Settings



  1. Enter your RICS Store Number; Click ‘LookUp’



  1. Click ‘POS Credit Card Processing’



  1. Click the checkbox next to ‘Enable Store & Forward’
  2. Select ‘Yes’ in the dropdown


Note: If ‘No’ is selected in this dropdown, Store & Forward will NOT be enabled and credit card processing will be unavailable in the event of an internet or service outage.

  1. Click the checkbox next to ‘Store & Forward Outage Threshold Dollar Amount’
  2. Enter a Store & Forward Outage Threshold Dollar Amount

Note: This is the maximum total dollar amount that can be stored per POS terminal during an outage.

  1. Click the checkbox next to ‘Store & Forward Transaction Threshold Dollar Amount’
  2. Enter a Store & Forward Transaction Threshold Dollar Amount


Note: This is the maximum dollar amount that can be stored per transaction during an outage.

  1. Click ‘Save’


Use Store & Forward at the POS

The RICS>POS will automatically switch to Store & Forward, if enabled,  in the event of an internet or service outage.  Follow the steps below to process a Store & Forward transaction:

  1. Select a ‘Cashier’ from the ‘Ticket Header’ tab



  1. Enter a customer account number into the ‘Customer’ field, or use the magnifying class to lookup a customer



  1. Navigate to the ‘Ticket Detail’ tab to scan or manually enter an item



  1. Navigate to the ‘Ticket Payment’ tab


  1. Select a credit card tender; click ‘End Sale’


Note: After clicking ‘End Sale’ a new window will appear on the POS.



  1. Enter the required card information
  2. Click ‘Ok’

Note 1: The transaction will complete and be stored on the POS to be automatically processed in MerchantTrack once service resumes.

Note 2: If the transaction amount exceeds the Store & Forward Transaction Threshold Dollar Amount, the following alert will appear once you hit ‘End Sale’





Q: I have Store & Forward enabled in the Back Office; how do I turn on this feature at the POS?

A: When enabled, Store & Forward will automatically switch on when the RICS>POS detects an outage.


Q: When will my Store & Forward transactions be processed in MerchantTrack?

A: Once an outage is resolved, the RICS>POS will automatically send stored transactions to MerchantTrack for processing.


Q: Can I refund a credit card when Store & Forward mode is in use?

A: Store & Forward is supported for regular sales only.  Returns are not supported.


Q: One of my Store & Forward transactions was declined in MerchantTrack; how do I contact the customer to seek payment?

A: The RICS Best Practice recommendation is to add a customer file to all Store & Forward transactions so contact information is accessible in the event a payment fails to process.


Q: Why don’t I see a Transaction ID on my Store & Forward transaction receipts?

A: Store & Forward transactions will be assigned Transaction IDs once processed in MerchantTrack.  For that reason, Transaction IDs will not be included on receipts from these transactions.


Q: Why would a card decline in Store & Forward mode?

A: Cards declining while in store and forward mode are commonly due to the following reasons:

  • The cashier mistypes the card information in the Virtual Terminal or the wrong information is provided by the customer.
  • The card CVV (Card Verification Value) was not entered correctly.
  • The Zip Code typed in was mistyped or not the correct zip code on file for that card, resulting in an AVS Error.
  • The issuer(banking institution) declined the card.


Q: Can I turn on Store & Forward during an internet outage?

A: No, the RICS POS will not be able to receive changes from the RICS Back Office without internet. We recommend turning on these settings ahead of time to prepare for outages.




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