RICS>PAY: Processing A Payment Using Virtual Terminal

The RICS>Pay Virtual Terminal enables retailers to process credit card sale transactions manually in the RICS>POS. This feature has been designed primarily to provide an additional processing option if the card present network experiences an issue.
This document is a resource for retailers to:

Use the Virtual Terminal in RICS>POS
Update Virtual Terminal Setting


1. Select a ‘Cashier’ from the ‘Ticket Header’ tab

2. Enter a customer account number into the ‘Customer’ field, or use the magnifying glass to lookup a customer

3. Navigate to the ‘Ticket Detail’ tab to scan or manually enter an item

4. Navigate to the ‘Ticket Payment’ tab

5. Select a credit card tender

6. Click ‘RICS>Pay Virtual Terminal’

Note: After clicking ‘RICS>Pay Virtual Terminal’, a new window will open in the RICS>POS.

7. Enter the card information; all fields are required

8. Click ‘Ok’

Note: The transaction will complete, a receipt will print, and the cashier will be taken to the Ticket Header tab to begin a new transaction.

Note: If there are multiple credit card tenders and the RICS>Pay Virtual Terminal is selected, ALL credit card tenders will be processed via the Virtual Terminal for that transaction.




1. Login to the RICS Back Office

2. Navigate to Setup :: Manage Store :: Setup Settings

3. Enter your RICS Store Number; Click ‘LookUp’

4. Click ‘POS Credit Card Processing’

5. Click the checkbox next to ‘Enable Virtual Terminal’

6. Select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ in the dropdown

Note: If ‘No’ is selected in this dropdown, the Virtual Terminal will NOT be enabled.

7. Click ‘Save’


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