RICS>PAY: Processing A Payment Using A Pin Pad

The primary method used to process payments with RICS>Pay is through pin pad terminals.  RICS>Pay utilizes cloud terminals that connect directly to a network and offer the ability to insert, tap, or swipe for payment. 

Follow the steps below to process a payment through RICS>POS using a pin pad terminal.


1. Select a ‘Cashier’ from the ‘Ticket Header’ tab


2. Enter a customer account number into the ‘Customer’ field, or use the magnifying glass to lookup a customer

3. Navigate to the ‘Ticket Detail’ tab to scan or manually enter an item

4. Navigate to the ‘Ticket Payment’ tab

5. Select a credit card tender from the ‘Tender’ dropdown

6. Click ‘End Sale’


7. Customer will be prompted to insert, tap, or swipe credit card to complete payment on the credit card terminal

8. After payment completion, the RICS>POS will print a receipt and finalize the sale

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