RICS>PAY: MerchantTrack Transaction Search

It may be necessary to view the details of a RICS>Pay transaction to verify payment was processed successfully or view funding details. Follow the steps below to log into MerchantTrack from the RICS Back Office to view transaction details.


1. Login to the RICS Back Office

2. Navigate to Setup :: Manage Store :: Setup Settings

3. Enter your RICS Store Number; Click ‘LookUp’

4. Click ‘POS Credit Card Processing’

5. Click 'Login to MerchantTrack'


Note 1:  This will open MerchantTrack in a new tab. If pop-ups are not enabled in your browser, it may be necessary to enable that setting to login to MerchantTrack.

Note 2: Users accessing MerchantTrack from the Back Office are required to have an email address and phone number associated with their user profile on the Manage Users page.

6. Click 'Transaction Search'


7. Enter the Trasaction Id into the appropriate field; found at the bottom of the receipt or in the customer’s purchase history


Note: The Date Range Start Date and Date Range End Date filters can be used if the Transaction ID is not present.

8. Click 'Search'

9. Locate the transaction from the list below

Note: Transactions processed successfully will have a status of ‘Batched’.

10. Click the blue Transaction ID number to view additional processing details


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