RICS>PAY: Signature Threshold Amount

RICS>Pay offers several pin pad terminals, such as the Verifone MX915, that can be configured to require a signature once a specific dollar threshold is surpassed. Follow the steps below to enable and set a Signature Threshold Amount in the RICS Back Office.


1. Login to the RICS Back Office

2. Navigate to Setup :: Manage Store :: Setup Settings


3. Enter your RICS Store Number; Click 'Lookup'


4. Click 'POS Credit Card Processing'


5. Click the checkbox next to ‘Signature Threshold Amount’

6. Enter a dollar amount in the adjacent field; enter a value of ‘0’ to require a signature for all transactions


7. Click 'Save'

Note: Any credit card payment in excess of the the amount entered will require a signature on the pin pad device.

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