RICS>PAY: Modify Report Batch Start Time

The RICS>Pay Report Batch Start Time setting enables retailers to change the batch open/close time referenced in the RICS>Pay Transaction report.  This setting does not change the actual batch close time. 

Follow the steps below to update this setting in the RICS Back Office.


1. Login to the RICS Back Office

2. Navigate to Setup :: Manage Store :: Setup Settings


3. Enter your RICS Store Number; Click ‘LookUp’


4. Click 'POS Credit Card Processing’


5. Click the checkbox next to ‘Report Batch Start Time’

6. Enter a time in the adjacent field (HH:MM AM/PM)


Note: The time entered in this setting changes the batch open/close time in the Credit Card Processing Reconciliation report ONLY.  This setting DOES NOT change the actual batch close time.

7. Click ‘Save’


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