How to Open a Batch

Follow the steps below to open a batch on the RICS POS.

1. Double click the RICS POS icon and log in to the RICS POS

Note: Upon opening and logging on to the RICS POS for the day, a user should be presented with an Open Batch screen. If this is not the case, please follow the steps in Close a Batch prior to proceeding.


2. Click Open Cash Drawer

3. Click Count

Note: After Count is selected, the user will be presented with a Count Cash window to enter or verify the opening cash count.


4. Count and enter the quantity for each coin and bill in the corresponding field

5. Click Save

Note: After Save is selected, the counted value will update the Opening Cash Count field.

6. If necessary, click Print Cash Counts

7. If necessary, enter a new ticket number in the Last Ticket Number field

Note: To maintain unique ticket numbers, RICS does not recommend altering this field.

8. Click Save

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